Promoting Your Business with Paper Straws

paper straws

In today’s marketplace, running an environmentally friendly food-service business isn’t just good for the planet; it is good for your pocketbook as well. Studies show that 75 percent of all Americans consider themselves to be environmentalists, and an increasing number of consumers are not only willing to pay more for products and services from an eco-friendly business but are actively seeking out companies who vocally support the environment. Close to 3 out of every 4 American consumers refuse to make a purchase when they are aware that the product may have a negative effect on the environment. How Earth-conscience your customers perceive your business to be can make or lose you tens of thousands of dollars in sales each and every year.

One of today’s hot-button issues when it comes to environmentally friendly business practices is the use of plastic straws. California became the first state in the US to limit the distribution of plastic straws while the city of Seattle become the first city in the US to outright ban plastic utensils including straws, from restaurants and other eating and drinking establishments. Even if you do business in an area which doesn’t yet have restrictions on plastic straws, making the switch to non-plastic alternatives now makes sense.

There are many advantages for replacing your plastic straws with paper straws ones. One of the major benefits is the chance to use it has an opportunity to promote your business. Changing to paper straws gives your company a unique marketing angle to showcase your devotion to a cleaner and healthier future for your community. Especially in areas of the country were the majority of your competitors are still using plastic straws, your business will stand out and attract attention, not just eco-minded customers but also from the local press. This may generate thousands of dollars worth of free advertising from news stories and positive word-of-mouth.

But for many businesses which want to make the switch to more ecological straws, there is one major hurdle they need to overcome first: It’s difficult to find a reputable distributor of paper straws at an affordable price. Even for businesses willing to pay more for paper straws, there are simply not enough to go around. FarfromBoring Hospitality is breaking down this barrier by offer forward-thinking businesses the opportunity to purchase paper straws at wholesale pricing. FarFromBoring Hospitality’s offers wrapped and unwrapped paper straws in a variety of colors which adhere to all FDA and Prop 65 guidelines and contain none of the gluten which lower-quality straws may have. The company’s straws will not impart an off-flavor to your customers’ beverages or fall apart in their drinks. FarfromBoring Hospitality is dedicated to making the world a healthier place and will pay to plant a new tree in a deforested area of the world for every case of 10,000 straws it sells.

Isn’t it about time you replaced your polluting plastic straws with sustainable and biodegradable paper ones?