How Recycling Plastic Straws Helps The Environment

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You may not be aware, but in the United States, we are using plastic straws all of the time!  There are the plastic straws we get at the coffee shop, the ones we pack in our kids lunches, the ones we get served at dinner or the bar. Inevitably we could all end up, literally, buried under the plastic straws that we collect in a life time. And what a waste that would be!  The good news is that most of those plastic straws come from recycled products and with any luck, in the recycle process, will return to the start and be recycled into plastic straws that we will use again and again.

But what should the average American consumer do when those plastic straws start to pile up?  It doesn’t take long for the pile to start to form, maybe two or three big trips to the coffee store, and you could end up with 2 or more plastic straws per visit.  What are some of the ways we can keep the buildup of plastic straws to a minimum?paper straws bulk

People can reuse the plastic straws for each drink you have.  It may not seem like a great effort but each and every effort, no matter how little, is having an impact. Another way to cut down on the recycling is in the area of dining out. You can skip the straw while eating out or at the bar.

The best way to stop plastic straws is by switching to paper straws. Environmentally friendly biodegradable paper straws won’t pollute our oceans, litter our beaches or wind up harming animals. Not only do paper straws look stylish they cut down on plastic pollution and help the environment.

The bottom line is becoming aware of what we use and how such items can be reused.  No matter where you eat or get coffee from at the end of the day you’re surrounded by plastic straws, there’s always a way to get more use out of them, or ditch them completely for paper straws.

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