Why You Should Switch to Paper Straws before Your Community Bans the Plastic Kind

paper straws

With the arrival of 2019, Washington DC has become the latest community to ban plastic straws. At the same time, a law in California went into effect that banned full-service restaurants from giving their patrons plastic straws unless they specifically request them. A number of west coast cities have already banned plastic straws, or are moving in that direction.

The craze for plastic straw bans stems from concerns about plastic pollution. The world’s oceans have become littered with plastic waste of all kinds. Plastic straw bans are a way for some governments to show that they are doing something about the problem. Whether you as a business owner that serves drinks agree with the bans, the fact is that your community may, at any time, pass restrictions or an outright ban on plastic straws.

What can you do about the prospect of such bans coming to where you do business? Doing without straws is not really an option. Most people like imbibing their drinks, hot or cold, through a straw. For some of your disabled patrons, straws are a matter of necessity. Clearly, you need to start looking for alternatives.

You have undoubtedly heard about how many alternatives to plastic straws fall short. They either add a sour taste to the drink or, as in the case of most paper straws, they fall apart fairly quickly. However, we at FarfromBoring Hospitality, a paper straw wholesaler, have the solution you need,

Our paper straws are better than all of the rest because not only do they not add a noxious taste to any beverage, but they will also last for hours, if necessary, unlike the average of 15 minutes for our competitors. We ensure the durability of our paper straws by testing them and instituting strict quality controls.

The straws we offer are gluten free, since the glue we use does not contain flour. On the environmental angle, our paper straws will biodegrade in six weeks. Our product is compliant with all FDA regulations and, in California, to the dictates of Prop 65.

On another positive note, our straws not only cost less than the market price, but they’re also really good for the environment, something that you as a business would be able to mention if you switch to our product. Indeed, even if you think that the community you do business in will not ban plastic straws, you might want to consider switching to out paper straws anyway. A number of other businesses, including Starbucks, have already made the change. You may find that caring for the environment is not only a good thing but will also help your bottom line by attracting more customers,

Our paper straws come wrapped and non-wrapped. We also offer paper stirrers.

As a bonus, for every case of straws you buy, we will plant a tree or more in a deforested part of the world. Trees are the ultimate renewable resource, create vibrant ecosystems, and fight climate change by consuming CO2.

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