Why our paper straws are so much better for the environment than plastic straws

If you are in a business that sells drinks, whether they are of the soft variety or an iced coffee, you know that your customers often want straws to go along with them. Most business owners use plastic straws. They are cheap, colorful, sturdy, and can easily be thrown away.

The last usage is the problem. Discarded straws do have a tendency to get into the environment, especially along beaches and in waterways. There they will stay, since it takes about 500 years for them to decompose.

Worse, discarded plastic straws are small enough to get into a lot of hidden places, such as under rocks, in undergrowth, under the sand, and worse, in the stomachs of marine life. Plastic straws are about the hardest things for those volunteer crews who periodically comb the beaches to find and pick up.

Because plastic straws are still overwhelmingly popular, more keep being discarded all the time. It is as if we are burying ourselves with plastic straw waste. Hundreds of years from now, our descendants will shake their heads sadly about how careless people in the early 21st century were when it came to the environment. All we wanted was simply just to be able to sip our Frappuccinos in peace and comfort.

If you are an environmentally-conscious business owner, you certainly will be open to better alternatives. Fortunately, FarfromBoring Hospitality has that alternative in the form of our paper straws.

You have doubtless heard horror stories of paper straws. They can be so flimsy that they last only 15 minutes in a drink, especially a hot one. They impart a nasty taste, and most important, paper straws tend to be expensive.

FarfromBoring Hospitality offers paper straws that  are different. These straws are designed to last three hours in a single drink. They are sturdy, gluten free, come in several colors, are affordable, and can be ordered packed in biodegradable plastic the next day upon ordering. Our paper straws come from quality-controlled factories and are torture-tested to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Best of all, from an environmental standpoint, our paper straws biodegrade in about six weeks. That means that our ancestors will only know we used to use straws by reading about them in history books, not by stumbling across centuries-old plastic versions while on a beach outing,

FarfromBoring Hospitality paper straws adhere to all of the regulations handed down by the Food and Drug Administration and, in California, Prop 65. Your customers will be able to enjoy their drinks secure in the knowledge that the straws they use will not contribute to environmental pollution. That fact will be a great selling point for your business.

As an added bonus, just to show that we are serious about our concern for the environment, for every case you order, we will plant a tree in a deforested region of the world. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, thus reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They help prevent soil erosion and mitigate the effects of flooding. Trees are a renewable resource.

For more information on the benefits of our paper straws, visit FarfromBoring Hospitality’s website or Facebook page.