Giving Back: How We’re Reducing Our Impact

At FarfromBoring Hospitality, we believe in doing more than helping business owners make the environmentally responsible switch from plastic straws to paper straws. We recognize that while the paper straw industry does less harm to the environment than plastic straws, we’re still using natural resources. We need to do our part to recreate the trees that we’re using to create our product.

Thus, we partnered with Trees For The Future.

Trees For The Future is a non-profit organization that works to restore lands that have been devastated by the effects of deforestation and overfarming. FarFromBoring has committed to plant at least one tree in nations that have been devastated by the destruction of their forests. We’ve worked with Trees For The Future for the past nine years, and we’re excited about the impact we’re making across the world.

While producing paper straws is one way to help the environment, we don’t believe that our social responsibility ends there. We see ourselves as leaders in the world of environmentally responsible businesses, and it’s important to us to show others that when we take, we need to give back as well. By committing to planting trees in areas that need them, we’re doing more than just recreating forests. We’re creating healthier air for the people who live near these new forests. We’re creating homes for birds and wildlife, as well as hunting grounds for people who depend on such methods to support their families.

Our trees help promote the development of underground aquifers to help provide clean water to surrounding communities. Being able to depend on accessible clean water is not taken for granted in many parts of the world. Clean water means health and wellness for all people, but especially for babies, children, and the elderly. This water helps communities grow their own fruits and vegetables, both for personal consumption and to sell for profit. The ability to farm also means the ability to create jobs for people in the community.

When you decide to make the switch to paper straws, sure- you’re helping the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste your business produces. When you decide to work with FarfromBoring Hospitality to make the switch to paper straws, you’re doing that and so much more. You’re changing lives of people across the world by righting the wrongs that have been made by other businesses. You’re restoring vitality and life to areas from which it has been taken. With every case of straws you purchase from FarFromBoring, you’re making a difference, and we thank you.