Paper Straws and Their Overall Impact on Environment and Ecology

Are paper straws really enough to make a quantifiable difference to the environment? It can be difficult to understand the true scope of plastic straws and how they can damage both the environment and their ecology. Understanding how paper straws impact the world begins with understanding plastic straws.

Plastic Straws vs. the Environment

On an environmental level, plastic straws introduce a large volume of plastic waste into the world that is not biodegradable and that is not recycled. As we attempt to do things such as ban plastic bags, it becomes even more necessary to identify types of plastic waste that are unnecessary. Paper straws will degrade quickly after being used; they won’t sit in a landfill or end up in the water.

But plastic straws don’t just hurt the environment, they also hurt the way organisms interact with the environment — the ecology. Animals can eat plastic straws, choke on plastic straws, or get plastic straws lodged within their throat, nostrils, or organs. Plastic straws are therefore not just having a negative impact on the environment overall, but also on individual animals. These are things that can be limited by paper straws.

The Environmental Impact of Paper Straws

Improving the Environment through Paper Straws

There are many drinks, such as smoothies, that need paper straws to be consumed. While many Americans have been cutting down on their straw use in general (with straws going down from 500 million to 390 million in the past few years), paper straws are an important tool when straws are required. The best paper straws are just as functional and attractive as plastic straws while not having a negative environmental impact.

Paper straws are durable and can be made out of recycled materials, to improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental impact. A paper straw is not dangerous to animals even if it does get into the ecosystem, and it will degrade quickly when thrown away or placed in a landfill.

Not all paper straws are made the same. Though paper straws have an overall positive impact on the environment and its ecology, the right type of paper straw is usually necessary to make it a pleasant experience. For more information about the advantages of paper straws — and to get a quote on your paper straw order — contact FarfromBoring hospitality.