Why Are Most Paper Straws Terrible? Here’s What You Need to Know

Everyone agrees that paper straws are better for the environment. Yet many people don’t want to use them. This isn’t because they aren’t interested in being environmentally conscious; it’s because most paper straws are terrible. Here’s why most paper straws fail to live up to plastic straws — and what you can do to counter it.

Badly Designed Paper Straws Fall Apart

Most people hate paper straws for multiple reasons:

  • They fall apart quickly. Many paper straws will fall apart within 15 minutes, which isn’t time to enjoy a beverage. This can be even worse if the beverage is warm.
  • They taste like paper. A cheap paper straw doesn’t have any type of coating, which imparts the taste of paper to every drink. As they continue to drink, the taste often gets worse.
  • They collapse. Cheap paper straws will collapse when used for viscous fluids, such as blended coffee drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes. They just don’t have the structural integrity for these foods.

It only takes a few negative experiences with cheap paper straws for people to start requesting plastic straws. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are better paper straws out there — you just need to look for higher quality goods. And it may not be optional for much longer.

The Benefits of Better Paper Straws

Paper straws don’t have to be terrible — far from it. Paper straws can be both good for the environment and a pleasant overall experience, but they need to be made out of the right materials. With the right materials, paper straws can easily be used for everything from the thickest smoothies to the lightest teas. And they can be used as long as the drinker wants to use them.

FarfromBoring Hospitality makes straws with a difference. By using better materials — while keeping costs down — FarfromBoring Hospitality is able to make straws which last for up to three hours — and don’t make drinks taste like paper. These straws can do everything that plastic straws can do, while also being easily customized for each business.

With better paper straws, those in the restaurant and hospitality industries will be able to help the environment while still providing customers the experience they deserve. Over time, customers will come to expect these high quality paper straws, and will intentionally look for them.

Not all paper straws are made equal. FarfromBoring Hospitality provides a wide array of different paper straw options for different types of drink. With different sizes and colors available, there’s something for every business. Contact FarfromBoring Hospitality today to get a quote on high quality straws that your customers will love.