Paper Straws: Getting Customers On Board

If you’ve decided to take the leap into transitioning your business to paper straws, you already know why you’ve made the right choice. You’re doing something good for the environment, you’re cutting down your carbon footprint, and you’re making a choice that is likely to attract eco-conscious consumers to your business. While you’re ready for the change, your customers might need a little bit of convincing. Follow these steps to keep your transition to paper straws smooth.

Announce Your Rollout

Don’t just swap paper for plastic without saying anything to your customers. Near your new straws, place a sign explaining why you’ve made the transition. Talk about the amount of trash currently in the ocean, and how your business wants to do it’s part to help our environment. Tell your customers about the impact they’re making by choosing to patronize your business instead of a business that uses plastic straws. The sign doesn’t need to be huge, but it should be eye catching enough to get your customers interested and reading, rather than asking your employees what the deal is with the new straws.

Side By Side- At First

Some customers might not be too keen on the switch in the initially. This is normal- change (even seemingly insignificant change) can strike a chord with some people. A great way to ease your customers into this transition is to offer paper straws alongside plastic straws at first. This can also make sense for clearing out your plastic straw inventory. Make sure you have your sign up next to your paper straws, letting your customers know about the positive contribution they’re making to the environment by choosing paper over plastic. Encourage them to try a paper straw by informing them that the straw won’t affect the taste of their drink, and letting them know that they don’t have to worry about their paper straw falling apart. During your initial rollout, you may even want to offer a $1 off drinks for customers who want to try paper straws.

Be Sensitive To Special Needs

While most people will have no issues with the transition, there are some people with special needs who may rely on plastic straws in order to drink properly. It’s a good idea to keep a small supply of plastic straws on hand in case one of your customers is in need.

While all businesses experience some pushback from customers anytime a change is implemented, the switch to paper straws is likely to positively impact your business long-term. Stick with the change, even if you have some growing pains. Many businesses are making the switch to paper straws, and soon, plastic straws will be nearly unheard of.┬áInform your employees about why you’re making the switch, and make sure they’re well-versed enough in your reasoning to explain it to curious clientele.