All Paper Straws Are Not Created Equal

What makes some paper straws better than others? In the past, you may have experienced paper straws that easily fell apart, had a strange taste, or even contained potential allergens such as gluten. Paper straws are an emerging, eco-friendly market, and most of the brands available are not able to offer a high quality, low cost product. FarfromBoring Hospitality offers paper straws that are far superior to the competition.

Why Should Your Company Use Paper Straws?

Switching to paper straws is an easy way to protect the environment. Many businesses are now switching to paper straws as customers are concerned about the environmental impact of straw waste. It’s estimated that as many as 500 million drinking straws are used every day. Switching to biodegradable, paper straws eliminates a significant portion of plastic waste, without changing a customer’s habits.

Why Are FarfromBoring Hospitality’s Paper Straws Superior?

Paper straws are better in every way, yet some businesses have been reluctant to adopt them. In large part, this is due to exposure to inferior straw products. There are dozens of large paper straw manufacturers, including Sysco Paper Straws, Aardvark Paper Straws, and Cheney Brothers Paper. FarfromBoring Hospitality is able to distinguish its products from others in a few important ways. These straws are:

  • Cost-effective. FarfromBoring’s paper straws are cost-effective, even though they are made with a higher grade of cellulose than many other paper straws. Some companies may be dissuaded from paper straws due to the cost, but a quote from FarfromBoring is likely to come in much cheaper than a quote from the competition.
  • Long-lasting. A FarfromBoring paper straw can last three and a half hours in a drink, allowing customers to drink at their leisure. Comparatively, cheaper paper straws begin to fall apart in around 15 minutes. It’s easy for customers to develop a bad perception for paper straws when they fall apart so quickly, and it can lead to customers using more paper straws than they really need.
  • Gluten-free. It’s always preferable to have products that are able to avoid allergens. Many paper straws are not gluten free, which means those with a gluten sensitivity or allergy will not be able to use them. FarfromBoring’s paper straws are gluten free, which is likely to make it more compelling for customers.
  • Attractive. FarfromBoring paper straws are manufactured in multiple colors and patterns, making it easier to integrate them into a company’s branding. Custom paper straws can also be purchased to advertise a company while they are in use. Cheaper paper straws tend to be bland in appearance and only available in plain, neutral colors.
  • Shipped responsibly. FarfromBoring’s straws are shipped quickly and optionally wrapped in biodegradable plastic. Other companies have packing and shipping materials that are not environmentally friendly, subverting the true goal of investing in paper straws.

When used properly, paper straws are an excellent way to reach out to your community and put your company’s values on display. Even better, they can be purchased at a low cost. Demand for paper straws is only increasing, and businesses will need to make changes if they want to remain competitive.

Is your company interested in making the switch to paper straws? Reaffirm your company’s values, save the environment, and impress your customers with the high quality paper straws from FarfromBoring Hospitality. Contact FarfromBoring Hospitality today for a quote regarding your next straw order.