Paper Straws and the Different Types Available

Do you own or manage a business that wants to make a change to help the environment? A great way to start is to decide once and for all to do away with those awful plastic straws that are killing our seas animals and natural environment. Not only is this a smart move for your business from a marketing perspective, but this change will also save you tons of money over the next few years. Now that you have decided to implement this change, you may be left wondering what the options are for your restaurant, casino, or nightclub. No worries, FarfromBoring Hospitality has the perfect eco-friendly straw solution for your business.

While the paper straw movement is spreading rapidly throughout the world, you’ve most likely heard negative remarks about the quality of the paper straws and that they have an awful cardboard taste, are poor quality, cost more than double the price of plastic straws, and if that’s not enough – they are almost impossible to get – with an often 10-week delivery time!

Finally, there is an affordable, high-quality, alternative to these overpriced and subpar paper straws, thanks to the team at FarfromBoring Hospitality. We specialize in and offer three types of high-quality straws for your business that are guaranteed to last for hours and hours! We know this because we had our team personally perform a quality check at the factories to ensure these qualities:

Why FarfromBoring Hospitality Paper Straws are Better

  • Our straws are far more superior in quality than other paper straws
  • Our straws have no bad taste
  • Our straws adhere to all FDA and Prop 65 guidelines
  • Our straws are Gluten Free – (Unlike many paper straws that have flour in them!)
  • Our straws have been tortured tested for strength
  • Our straws cost less than any other paper straw on the market today

FarfromBoring Hospitality Offers Quality and Affordable Paper Straw Solutions for your Business

FarfromBoring Hospitality offers paper straw solutions for your business that help you take part in the “Paper Straw Movement” to provide customers with an Earth-friendly alternative to the plastic straw while allowing you to maintain your bottom line and stay within your working budget. Our superior paper straws are available in three options to meet any need your business may have. They are available in cases, which contain 10,000 straws and are readily available for your use, with no waiting and long lead times.

Types of Paper Straws from FarfromBoring Hospitality

  • Wrapped Paper Straws – Our wrapped paper straws are available in Black or White. They are the same size as typical plastic straws (7.75″; 6mm) and come in 10,000-piece cases. Perfect for businesses who prefer to use straws that are protected in a paper wrapper.
  • Unwrapped Paper Straws – Our unwrapped paper straws are available in several styles to best suit your needs. Choose from our Black Cocktail Paper Straw, Black Shake/Frozen Paper Straw, Black Standard Paper Straw, and our White Standard Paper Straw.
  • Unwrapped Paper Stirrers – Our unwrapped paper stirrers are available in White and are the same size as typical plastic stirrers (5″; 3mm) and come in 10,000-piece cases. A great “green” alternative to plastic stirrers.

Help Us Save the Planet – One Straw at a Time

Not only are paper straws better for the environment; they are better for your bottom line as well! It is our goal to help eliminate plastic straws from the planet and convert everyone to using eco-friendly paper straws that biodegrade in about 6 weeks in a landfill! Our pledge to the planet and sustainability is real. In fact, for every case of straws that is purchased, FarfromBoring will plant a tree somewhere in a deforested nation around the world! Are you ready to make the switch to paper straws and helping the planet by joining the “Paper Straw Movement”? Call us at (888) 751-7166 for more information or place your online order here today.