Paper Straws are Not Only Good For the Environment But Go Good with Your Drink

Since the 1960s, plastic straws have been considered to be more convenient and cheaper than any alternative. However, with mounting concern over plastic pollution, a lot of people are looking for alternatives. But the question arises, what alternatives?

Metal and glass are a bit too expensive, though those materials could be reused. Paper was the norm before the rise of plastic straws, but they tend to fall apart and make your drink taste terrible. Existing paper straws also are more expensive than the plastic kind. On the other hand, unlike plastic, paper biodegrades within six week in a landfill. They are not likely to be found floating in the deep ocean, imperiling marine life.

Fortunately, FarfromBoring Hospitality has developed a new line of paper straws that eliminates the problems faced with the material until now. Thanks to advancing technology and rigorous testing, our paper straws are competitive with the kind made from plastic. The ten factories that our company uses overseas are producing the most superior paper straws that are available thanks to the embedding of our quality control teams.

The first great thing is that our paper straws last for hours and hours in a beverage. People can drink though one of our straws with the confidence that it will remain intact until they are finished.

Furthermore, our paper straws only convey the taste of the beverage that is being drawn through it. Nothing is quite as annoying as the unpleasant taste of cardboard to go along with a soft drink, latte, cocktail, or chocolate shake.

Cost is always a consideration when one is purchasing anything, especially a mass quantity item such as drinking straws. However, FarfromBoring Hospitality is producing 200,000,000 straws a month. The economics of scale helps to keep the cost of our paper straws down, competitive to ones made with plastic.

FarfromBoring Hospitality paper straws have a number of other advantages beside cost, durability, and superior quality.

Our paper straws are gluten free. The glue with which other versions of straws made with paper contain flour, which we do not use. Gluten free straws will doubtless be a selling point for your more discriminating customers.

The paper straws that we sell adhere to all FDA and Prop 65 guidelines, indicating their safety as well as quality.

The fact of the matter is that very often one is asked to choose between the good of the environment on the one hand and cost and quality on the other. With FarfromBoring Hospitality paper straws, you don’t have to choose. You can have both. The fact that you can advertise environmentally friendly drinking straws will no doubt be a selling point for your more Earth-conscious customers.

As a bonus, for every case of FarfromBoring Hospitality paper straws you buy, our company pledges to plant a tree in a deforested part of the world. Trees are not only a renewable resource, being a source of paper, but also absorb carbon dioxide, a major cause of climate change.

Thus, our paper straws are not only good for the environment but go good with your drink.