Join the Paper Straw Movement Without Irritating Your Customers

The idea of drinking out of anything other than a plastic straw at any public eatery seemed crazy even five years ago. What other way are your customers supposed to consume drinks at your place of business without you spending a lot of money on alternatives? How much harm could the plastic stirrer you give them with their coffee be doing?

Plenty, as it turns out. Plastic straws are one of the top five hazards cleaned up along beaches. They make their way into the ocean and end up consumed by marine life, often causing irreparable harm. One way businesses can combat the impact of plastics in our oceans and environment is by switching from plastic straws to paper.

Biggest Customer Concerns About Paper Straws

The idea of change can be a hard one given the feedback business owners may have gotten from customers in the past who’ve tried paper straws. Many of the complaints received fall into the following categories.

  1. Straw dissolves before they can finish their drink – Your patrons often want to sit, relax, and enjoy a cocktail or other beverage after a long day. Unfortunately, doing this with the wrong type of paper straw can end up with it rapidly breaking down and becoming an unwanted extra ingredient in their drink.
  2. Paper straws affect the taste of the drink – It’s hard to enjoy a beverage when the flavor of the paper straw seeps into the liquid as it passes through the tube.
  3. They’re perceived as more unsanitary than plastic straws – People often associate plastics as being more sanitary than paper products. That idea’s been reinforced by poor quality paper products on the market that can leak dye and other materials into drinks. People can end up balking at the thought of using anything other than a plastic straw based on this mentality.

You may be hesitating on making the change for the reasons listed above. There may also worry about the cost involved in buying paper straws versus plastic ones. Why do something that needlessly upsets your customers and possibly harms your bottom line?

Why Far From Boring Hospitality Paper Straws are Different

Far From Boring Hospitality considers protecting our oceans a responsibility all of us bear. Our company also understand the reluctance of many people to make the change due to bad experiences with inferior paper straw products.

We worked hard to come up with high-quality paper straws capable of meeting the standards expected by both businesses and consumers. Your patrons won’t have to worry about finding paper mush at the bottom of their drink after having a long conversation with a friend. There won’t be any nasty flavors mixing with the taste of their favorite coffee.

Product Benefits

Far From Boring Hospitality always keeps the health of consumers and the world around us as our top priority. Our company takes the following concrete steps with our paper straws to help you and your customers make the switch without sacrificing comfort.

  1. Exceptional Quality Control – We make sure every straw that leaves our factory lives up to the rigorous standard we demand. Our straws last for hours without getting soggy and breaking down into an unrecognizable mess.
  2. FDA Compliance – We adhere to all FDA and Prop 65 standards in every one of our manufacturing facilities. Nothing goes out that will be harmful to humans or the environment.
  3. Gluten-free – We don’t use flour products in our glue like many of our competitors.

Businesses can obtain our paper straws at prices beneath the market price of other restaurants. That gives you an edge in savings while allowing you to promote your business as a proponent of clean environmental policies.

Interested in obtaining paper straws for your business? Call us at (888) 751-7166 for more information, or create your own orders online.