Paper Straws: Good For The Environment And Your Business

You care about the environment, and you care about your business. Reducing your carbon footprint has been on your mind for quite some time. Like any business owner, you care about your bottom line. You want to do the best you can for the world around you, and you still need to get paid. Starting small- with moves like replacing environmentally harmful consumable products and replacing them with sustainable alternatives- can have a huge impact on the world around you. You may have heard recent news about turtles and other sea creatures suffering serious injuries from plastic straws that have made their way into the ocean. Good news: paper straws are better than ever, and when marketed correctly, can get environmentally conscious consumers to come flocking to your business.

Paper Straws: How They Work

If you pay attention to current environmental news, you know that plastic straws get a thumbs down. Every day in the United States, over 500 million plastic straws are used, and many of them end up in the ocean, harming and/or killing marine life. During beach cleanups, plastic straws are one of the top ten most commonly found items. The problem is clear: plastic straws have to go. Most people don’t care for drinking without a straw, so there needs to be an alternative. This is where paper straws swoop in.

Paper straws may sound strange at first, but they will soon be commonplace in establishments that use consumable paper products. Some paper straws fall apart easily, cause drinks to taste funny, and customers don’t care for them. Our paper straws are different. Our straws are well-constructed, have effect on the taste of drinks, adhere to FDA and Prop 65 guidelines. Our straws are gluten free (most other paper straws aren’t), and can be at your business much faster than the 3-4 months it can take to receive paper straws from other companies.

Attracting Eco-Friendly Customers

You know why paper straws are the way to go. Once you’ve got them in your possession and are ready to roll them out, it’s time to use this to drive your business. Young consumers (specifically, Millennials and Generation Z) are more ecologically and socially conscious than their parents. They typically also disposable income and enjoy social outings with friends. When they find something they like, they tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Snapchat so that their friends can see what they’re doing. These are the people you want frequenting your business.

One of the best ways to reach Millennials and Gen Z-ers is through social media marketing. If you aren’t already promoting your socially and environmentally conscious decisions on Instagram, it’s time to start. Targeted ads tailored to hit the 18-36 age group have the ability to reach far more potential customers than any print or static internet ad.

Are your environmentally conscious choices causing your business to increase prices by a dollar or two here and there? Don’t shy away from that- embrace it. Let your potential customer base know why your prices may be a dollar or two higher than the guy down the street. Be bold when telling them that by choosing your establishment, they’re choosing the environment.

Making ecologically sound choices can be slightly pricier in the beginning, but the benefits can cause your business to boom. Switching to a new kind of straw may seem like a small step, but the effect of seemingly small choices in business can cause exponential growth.